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"If Only I Had More Will-Power to Eat Less"

I hope you come to realize that it just doesn’t work that way.

Blaming it all on food, or will-power.

“if only I had more will-power, I could stop eating so much”

“if only I was more motivated, I could lose weight”.

It doesn’t work that way. I promise you.

I believe that food is medicine.

But that doesn’t mean restricting food, eating less, and having stress around meals.

It means feeding our bodies with what they need in order to become more balanced.

It means eating MORE of the right foods.

Our body is always communicating with us.

Through cravings. Through physical symptoms.

And even through our emotions, moods and mental focus.

These communications often start as a whisper.

Things like gas, bloating, chronic constipation, frequent headaches.

And when we brush those whispers off and don’t pay attention to them, they get louder.

Louder like hormonal imbalances, menstrual cycle irregularities, skin flare ups like acne or eczema, and uncontrolled weight gain.

Here’s the other thing about our bodies:

They are working really really hard.

All day and all night.

All of our organs, all of the systems, all of the parts moving in sync with each other.

Detoxifying every single day.

Otherwise we’d be dead.

In order to continue doing these things, the body requires the right nutrients and the right foods.

Remember, food is medicine.

What my body needs right now is going to be different from what your body needs to be able to function optimally.

When our bodies have cravings,

Or we feel hungry all the time,

It’s not an opportunity to beat ourselves up over lack of will-power.

These are forms of communication.

Telling us that our body needs certain nutrients in order to feed those organs.

And we feed those organs and systems so they can continue to balance our hormones, manage blood sugar, detoxify, and the billion other things our bodies are doing every day.

Do you see it now?

Do you see how it’s really not about eating less?

Do you see how it has very little to do with will-power and motivation, and more to do with listening to what the body is trying to communicate?

I work with clients all over the world(through the magic of the internet and video calling).

And my favourite part of my job is helping people to connect these dots about their health.

Food truly is medicine, and finding out what your body is trying to communicate and what specific nutrients it needs to thrive right now can make all the difference in the world.

Somewhere along the line, we forgot these things, and we started to believe that food is the enemy, and that eating less of it will solve all of our problems.

And that’s just not true.

Food is healing, food is love, food is medicine.

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