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We can make a huge difference in our energy levels, mood and mental focus with learning how to eat in a way that balances our blood sugar levels and supports our hormonal function.

Invite Marjan to come to your workplace or group function (In person in Montreal or Toronto Canada or virtually for anywhere else worldwide). This is an opportunity for companies and organizations to save money in the long term and reduce the number of lost work days due to employee sick days by utilizing Marjan’s unique approach that focuses on teaching participants daily, actionable ways to be able to take care of their health in a truly preventive way.


1 hour of high energy and easy to understand presentation by Marjan

The presentation is custom-designed to the needs of the group, for a truly practical workshop

All participants will receive a copy of Marjan’s internationally renowned book “The Blood Sugar Guide”

BONUS: Having The Blood Sugar Guide gives participants never-experiencing discounted rates to work with Marjan in any of her 1:1 session programs in the future.

Apply here for your group

Application Form

For groups in Montreal or Toronto Canada, will you be requesting an in person or virtual workshop?
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