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Feed Your Feminine


Our feminine cycles and energy don’t run on a 9-5 schedule. Using her education in holistic nutrition and her strong intuitive senses, Marjan will slowly, week by week, lead you into further connection with your body, a better understanding of your unique feminine cycle, and how to start paying attention and leaning into your authentic desires.

This program is designed for YOU because we’re going to let your symptoms and how your body is communicating dictate the direction of your healing.

What might be coming up for you right now

  • Painful, irregular or unpredictable periods

  • Migraines more frequently, especially with your period. 

  • Mood swings or feeling anxious often. 

  • Low energy, crashes in energy, difficulty sleeping. 

  • Having a high-stress lifestyle, experiencing high cortisol levels, and wanting to learn how to nourish your body to reduce the symptoms showing up. 

  • Feeling bloated often and experiencing other digestive issues

  • Wanting to learn how to support your body with low desire for sex. 

  • Preparing your body for fertility

  • Wanting to learn how to support and nourish your nervous system for less symptoms of anxiety.

This is an intimate offering that truly allows you to feel safe and held while you do a deep dive into your health journey.


8 consecutive weeks of full hour individualized sessions privately with Marjan (all sessions are virtual).

Specified education about your body, your symptoms and your health to be able to heal for the long term. 

Weekly recommendations and protocol, presented in a buildable format, to help you address and heal the root of your symptoms and hormonal imbalances.

Unlimited coaching + support  in between sessions via text or email.

Your 8 consecutive weeks of sessions will begin on a date of your own choosing

Application Form

The total cost for the signature Healthy By You Program is $1600 CAN (-a deposit of $222)


Feed Your Feminine


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Please make your $222 deposit payment by clicking the button below.

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