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Healthy Hot Coco

Hot coco is pretty much my favourite drink during the cold winter months. This version is super simple, and what I love most is that it's going to help kill two birds with one stone(figuratively speaking of course!). Using dandelion tea as the base, it's so ultra supportive for your liver, and because it's loaded with healthy fats, it's blood-sugar managing, which is perfect for weight management, hormone balance, and helping to keep us full! Here's the recipe(and the ingredients are all things you can use for tons of other recipes too, so bonus!):

  • Steep one cup of dandelion coffee in boiled water(my favourite dandelion coffee is Teeccino brand that you can get in lots of different flavours from most local health food stores).

  • Add 1-2 tsp of raw cacao powder(this is how it gets chocolately, so add more if you’re a chocolate lover!)

  • ½ tsp honey(optional, but I like mine a tad sweetened)

  • 1 small chunk of cacao butter(this is where the healthy fats come in…and kind of has a mild chocolatey taste too, so you really can’t go wrong!)

  • 1 tsp of coconut oil(also another healthy fat that’s going to help with blood sugar balance)

  • And the most important part of all: BLEND it for 30 seconds(otherwise the oils will just sit on top and blaaaahhh).

Super simple, right? If you try it and you like it(I know you will!), you can start adding some other healing nutrients like Maca powder, Ashwaghanda, protein powder, or collagen too. Let me know what recipes and ingredients you've tried!

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