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What's Nutrition got to do with PMS?

When it's that time of the month and you just want to run for the hills because gaaaahhh!

Right? But it's just a time for the body to shed the things it doesn't need and start fresh again. Does it need to be so painful though? The reality is, it doesn't actually have to be. For me, I recognize that pain is a signal to pay attention. What have I been feeding my body that might be causing these symptoms? Moodiness, frustration with everrryyythiiinng around me, crampiness, low energy, headaches. These are common PMS stuff, right? But are they normal? These symptoms are typical for a body that is experiencing inflammation, but it doesn't need to be like that. What types of things are inflammatory in our lives? Sugar, too much starches, rancid oils, processed foods, stress, and holding on to negative emotions.

When I slowly try to cut down on these things over the course of the month, my hormones balance out and my symptoms diminish to the point where this time of the month comes and goes naturally, and with ease, just like it's supposed to. It may seem crazy impossible, especially since a lot of our diets and lifestyles these days work to throw our hormonal systems out of balance.

But if we really pay attention, and listen to what our bodies need to get back into synch, it can be a time of the month that's a little easier to handle, and not so yuck! Sounds good, right?

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