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"Over the last few years our office has been placing further emphasis on the health and wellness of our employees and the accessibility of these services. Nutrition is a large component of this and Marjan was able to provide a very informative session to our staff on a variety of topics related to nutrition, while demoing some quick and easy recipes to include into meal preparation for days on the go. We recommend this workshop to other companies looking to include wellness into their offering for employees and truly believe in the benefits that proper nutrition has on our overall health and ability to perform daily tasks."

Laura Whaley / Wolseley Inc.

“I’m Noticing That I Don’t Snack As Much At Night Anymore. When I Focus On Getting The Nutrients That I Need During The Day, I Just Don’t Crave Anything More After Dinner”

Client After 3 Sessions

“I Just Realized Today That I Used To Go Through 1 Bottle Of Advil A Month Because I Would Wake Up With A Headache So Often. Now, I Don’t Know How Long It’s Been Since I’ve Had A Headache Or A Migraine.”

Client After 1 Month

“If I Opened A Bag Of Chips Before, I Would Always Finish The Whole Bag In One Sitting. Last Time, I Opened A Bag Of Chips, Ate A Few, And Put The Rest Away. I Just Didn’t Feel Like I Craved More Than That”

Client After 2 Sessions

“I Never Wanted To Go To The Gym Before, Because I Didn’t Have Energy At The End Of The Day. Now I Truly Want To Go To The Gym Because I Still Have So Much Energy After Work!”

Client After 3 Months 

“I Actually Got My Period On Time This Month, And Last Month! I Feel Like Things Are Balancing Out”

Client After 3 Months 

“I’m Feeling So Good These Days! I’m Not Tired During The Day Anymore, And I Sleep Right Through The Night”

Client After 2 Months 

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