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What is Healthy By Us

The group program that helps you to learn about your body, and how to eat the nutrients your digestive system, your hormones and your immune system needs so you have the energy you need to THRIVE! 


Who is this program for

The program is for everyone! If you want to start learning how to support your body with real food and nutrients, then this is for you! 


Main focus areas of the 6 week program

I believe the body is always communicating with us. Throughout this program we are learning about WHY our bodies communicate in certain ways, and how to nourish our bodies so that we can help them to do their best work! The 6 themes of the program are: 


  • Learning about our digestive system and how to address address the root causes of acid reflux, bloating and constipation. 
  • Blood sugar balance, and how it relates to low energy, mood swings, symptoms of anxiety and sugar crashes. 
  • All about hormones, how they fall out of balance sometimes, what foods to add to get our hormones back in balance, healthy periods, sex ed, and nutrients that support our bodies for the best sex! 
  • The very complex immune system and simple ways to support it for optimal function. 
  • One whole session on the factors that affect our health that we often don't think about: is tap water safe? What types of fats should we be eating? Should I take supplements, or just get my nutrients from real food? And so much more.  


What does the program include

This is a group program (max. 6 people). Over the 6 week period this is how we'll be working together:

  • 6 weeks of unlimited access to the private coaching group(via Facebook)

  • 6 full 90-minute sessions on zoom. This is where we have all the deep-dive lessons about how the systems in our bodies work, and how to address symptoms we all struggle with. 

  • 1 recording of the call + slides sent to all participants after each lesson. 

  • Tons of recipes, tips and review of information in the exclusive Facebook group. 


This is a one-time payment of $444 option for this program. After check-out you will receive the sign-up form that will be required to register you in the program.

Healthy By Us Group Program

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