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the migraine guide



What is the migraine guide

The Migraine Guide is the second book in the series after The Blood Sugar Guide and it's your new best friend when it comes to knowing everything you need to know about migraines and how to start eating in a way that prevents them from coming on! 

What is the migraine guide workshop

This one-time workshop is your chance to have the LIVE experience of the guide, presented by me! If you're a visual learner and you like having the opportunity to interact with the information being presented, then this is definitely for you! 

What is going to be included

  • 1 Live Video(Replay Available After): this live video will happen within a closed facebook group. Participants who are there live will be able to comment and interact during the presentation as well. 

  • A Facebook Community: the closed group will remain available to for questions and discussion after the live video presentation. 

  • The Migraine Guide Ebook: each participant(live or those who sign up and watch the replay) will be among the first people to receive the Migraine Guide ebook when it is released(included with no addition charge). 

I am ready to join

II'm so happy to have you join this special offering for a small group of people(10 maximum). Follow me on instagram and add your name to my waitlist for when the link to purchase your ticket goes live! 

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