healthy by you



What is Healthy By You

This is for anyone who loved the 8 Week Program, and wants to continue the momentum they created with even more healthy habits for your body’s needs! 

Who is this program for

This program is only available for those who have completed the 8 week program at any time in the past 12 months. 

What does the program include

  • 12 Healthy by You newsletters sent directly to your inbox: blood sugar balancing recipes, tips to keep your blood sugar balanced for the long term, mindfulness journal prompts, quotes, and lifestyle suggestions that I use myself in my own healthy journey!

  • 12 weeks of unlimited support and questions via email 

  • 1 full hour session per month(3 sessions in total): this where you will receive individualized support, ask questions about your symptoms and your body’s needs, and receive supplement recommendations if you choose. 

How do I sign up

You will be offered this option upon completing the 8 week program automatically. Look out in your inbox, and reply to the email anytime within 12 months to start this follow up program.