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Wearing a mask and physical distancing are only small steps towards protecting ourselves from illness. We're not totally helpless without these. There are many things we can do to protect ourselves. And wearing a mask isn't an excuse to stop caring about our bodies and...


The current global situation is affecting everyone, but not everyone is feeling the same way. Being in quarantine or isolation is bringing up a lot of feelings for us all. From stress about the virus, protecting ourselves and our family, financial stuff, relationships,...


I've been called the "hair queen" by many people, and while I'm flattered, I have to first and foremost thank my mom and dad, because it's mostly genetics! And shout out to my favourite hair stylist and basically hair MAGICIAN here in Guelph, @belbybri, for helping me...


Blood sugar seems to be something we pay attention to only when we are diagnosed with Diabetes or we're told my our doctors that we have issues related to blood sugar. Even then, we might not be sure exactly how to do anything about it. The reality is, we all have a bl...


Did you write down your intentions on the international day where we’re all supposed to it? January 1st seems to be the date we’re all expected to hit the ground running, but what happens when we don’t feel motivated or inspired on that day? The truth is, nothing happe...


If you're looking for the BEST recipes for the holidays, look no further. For me, I love connecting with other healthy ladies on Instagram, and checking out all their amazing recipes. And now I want to share my favourite 5 people with you...


It's the time of year where everyone is either trying to avoid getting sick, or getting over a cold or flu.  I've been feeling like I'm on the brink of a cold mayself(yes, Holistic Nutritionists get sick sometimes too!). So I wanted to pass along a list of all the thin...


It's official! My blood sugar management e-book is here for your purchase! I have thought about writing this book for a while, and I'm so excited to finally be able to share it with all of you!


  • Anyone who wants to learn about food and how it con...


This week, fellow Holistic Nutritionist, Jessica Koper, has shared another one of her mouth-watering recipes with us. This time, it's a cozy Thai soup, with all the best ingredients that are healing for the gut, and warming for our bodies as we enter this colder season...


Long before I heard of the concept of intermittent fasting, around 2 years ago, I started to skip breakfast. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, or follow any sort of plan, but I found that I genuinely wasn’t hungry in the mornings, and instead, I would drink a cup of warm...

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Marjan Mogharrabi

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and I’m so passionate about all things related to health.  And I’m not just talking about food and calories. Because I believe that the body is more than just the physical, and to create healing we need to look at the body as a whole: all the emotional stuff, physical symptoms, mentally and even spiritually.​

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