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Feed your feminine

xo Marjan

I work with you to feel empowered in your body and with your health by teaching you how to truly feed your feminine.

Long before I became a holistic nutritionist, and maybe even before I was born, I felt it in my bones and in my DNA that I was meant to do this work. I was meant to help people, especially women, discover the true power of their bodies.

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My Story

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My family is originally from Iran, and I come from a long line of strong women whose stories I’ve been told 100s of times.

My grandmother on my mother’s side was a teacher and an educator who worked full time, and was a wife and a mother to 3 daughters at the same time. My grandma on my father’s side literally escaped from Iran on horseback in the early 1980s, during the Iranian Revolution, otherwise she would have been killed for her beliefs. And my mother was among the first females to study Nutritional Sciences at a time where anything to do with science was typically male-dominated. Women living in their power and in their authentic and strong feminine has always been the norm for me. 

In my work, I see a lot of strong, powerful women too. But I also see a lot of women burnt out by the expectations and demands of this 9-5 world we live in. I see more and more irregular periods, low energy energy levels, feeling bloated all the time, mood swings, anxiety, no desire for sex, and fertility issues. These are all signs and symptoms of going against the grain with our body’s natural flow, and not properly feeding our feminine energy and cycles.

Feeding the Feminine

What does


Feminine energy is naturally wild, sexy and flowy.


But the feminine cycle doesn’t run on a 9-5 schedule. By learning about the phases of this unique and truly magical cycle, and learning how to give it rest, nourishment and energy at the proportions it needs, we start to see the true power of the feminine, and we start to see these symptoms of high stress in our bodies disappear.

We don’t learn this stuff in school. And society has ingrained in us the idea that we need to push through no matter what, even if our bodies are communicating that things are out of balance. I don’t believe this is how we were meant to live. I believe our bodies are intelligent, and we were meant to learn how to listen to them. We were meant to learn the unique science of our feminine cycles, and feed our bodies in a way that provides us with energy to do the things we want to do. Whatever that is!

Authentic Feminine Power

I want to help you to learn how to lean into your authentic feminine power.


It’s in our DNA and in our biology. It’s time to remove the veils, physically and mentally, that keep us from discovering how wild, sexy and powerful our bodies can be when we learn how to feed them.

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What clients are saying

This is the first time in YEARS that I’ve been able to keep my iron levels and my periods stable! I’m not on supplements right now and I haven’t noticed any big energy slumps! All by just following your blood sugar guide tips of adding simple things to my diet, focusing on protein and fats, and of course, your tips about daylight in the mornings!

It’s the small engaged steps for me that make the most impact and it’s part of the reason I loved working with Marjan.  She is easy to connect with and cares about you as a person and it shows.

Working with Marjan in her 1:1 program was such a good experience! She really teaches you how to listen to your body cues and empowers you to take control of your own health! She is such an inspiring and knowledgeable coach! 

Marjan’s blood sugar guide has been a GAME CHANGER for me! If you are experiencing the symptoms Marjan talks about 10/10 you need the blood sugar guide! You won’t regret it!

I am so grateful to Marjan for creating this protocol. It has opened my eyes to several small changes I can make in my everyday life and expanded my knowledge of how the body works as a whole. I can happily say that I’ve implemented and followed her protocol, and I am finally migraine-free. Thank you, Marjan, for teaching me how to feed my cycle.

I enjoyed every moment of my work with Marjan! She shares information in such a clear, applicable way that allows for real change! I love her use of metaphors and stories during our sessions to add meaning and depth to everything we discussed. I saw such positive shifts in my energy and habits when working with her.







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