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Headache Tips

Do you get headaches or migraines? Especially when the weather creates added pressure? Yup, I used to get them too. And with the crazy ups and downs in the weather we've been having lately, I thought I'd share some of my tips for prevention...some things I've learned from my own migraines:

  • Drink loads of water. No seriously, if you think you've been drinking enough water, drink some more. It's summer, and the heat sucks it all out of us!

  • Blood sugar balance is actually key! Every time blood sugar goes way up and then crashes down, it's an opportunity for our body to give us a signal that it's stressed. For lots of people, that signal is a headache. So to avoid it, make sure you are consuming a protein source with every. single. meal! It's so important.

  • Keep sugary stuff to a minimum. Sweet things make blood sugar go out of wack, but they also feed bad bacteria in our gut. When we have too much bad bacteria in our gut, they like to swim around and find nice warm places to settle in: like our sinuses. Too much of these guys creates crowding, and then the weather changes and air pressure make us feel even worse!

  • Take a probiotic daily to help keep the good bacteria up and help to crowd out the bad guys. And fish oil to keep inflammation down.

  • Dairy products can cause inflammation, so keep those to a minimum to prevent a headache from coming on. Any other foods that you know you're sensitive to, avoid those too! They definitely cause inflammation!

Hope these help keep future headaches at bay for you all!

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