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Marjan's Kitchen Essentials

Here’s what I always always have in my cupboards, and here’s why:

  • Oils used in packaged foods or restaurant foods are often rancid and cause all sorts of problems with our health. Get yourself a good salad oil(flax, hemp, or olive oil) and something for cooking too. I go for avocado oil because it has the highest heat tolerance.

  • Stock your cupboards with natural sugars: REAL maple syrup, honey, stevia, real vanilla extract, or monk fruit. The body literally doesn't recognize artificial sugars and stores it away as fat, and white sugar turns into fat too, but also has a major affect on blood sugar levels going up and down and leading to diabetes.

  • Switch out your table salt for REAL SEA SALT. Table salt is artificially made, and it contains way more sodium than our bodies need, whereas sea salt has sodium and other minerals in the right proportions for our bodies to function optimally. If you can find pink Himalayan salt, that's the best!

Happy home cooking!

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