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To Snack or Not to Snack?

There's so much info out there that says take this pill for weight loss, or eat this food to be healthy, and even "you need to eat more frequently throughout the day to keep your metabolism going".

For me, I try to adopt a "less is more" attitude. Every time we eat food, insulin gets released in our bodies to help drive sugar into our cells to give us energy. That's exactly what we want! But what happens when insulin gets released too many times throughout the day? Well, eventually, those cells are going to say "no more" and become resistant to that signal (also known as insulin resistance). And when our cells are having a tough time with taking in all that sugar, it eventually gets stored in the body as fat. So instead, every time I have a meal, I look down at my plate first:

  • Do I have a protein source that's going to help keep my energy stable throughout the day?

  • Do I have a healthy fat that's going to keep me full for longer?

  • Do I have loads of green things to help move the nutrients nice and s l o w l y through my system?

When my meals cover all of those components, it's likely that I'm not going to be hungry again for several hours, allowing the body a break from releasing that insulin so many times a day. So is that the secret to weight loss? Eating less times in the day? Not necessarily. But if we pay attention to the quality of the nutrients we're getting at each meal, maybe we'll be satisfied enough to not need so many extra snacks between meals.

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