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Immunity Tips

Now is the time start loading up on those probiotics!

As the weather gets colder, and we start to become surrounded by the cold and flu bugs, these little guys are the key to our immune health!

I always get asked what vitamins to take to fight against colds, or what I take to keep my immunity up and I always always recommend probiotics.

Inside of our bodies, we have tons of bacteria: some are "bad guys" where too much of them can cause infections and sickness. Some are "good guys" and keeping that level up helps to crowd out the bad ones and keep us healthy. Here's the thing though: many parts of our food and environment do a really a good job of feeding the bad guys, and not a lot of things feed the good ones. When we consume large amounts of high-carbohydrate foods, acidic things like coffee, animal products that contain anti-biotics and hormones, and many medications such as antibiotics, they are helping to feed the bad bacteria. That doesn't leave much room for the good bacteria, right? So I try to keep my immunity up and avoid infections or illness by doing this:

  • I take a probiotic every single day to keep that level up and crowd out those bad guys.

  • Load up on Vitamin C. I take at least 1000mg per day.

  • I take at least 2000IU of Vitamin D3 every day. It's so good for immunity and we definitely don't get enough of it over the winter months when we don't get as much direct sunlight.

No, I'm not the picture of health just because I include probiotics and some vitamins into my day. But I can say that I don't get sick very often in a year, and a big part of that is keeping those good guys up to to fight off the bad guys that we just can't avoid around us. Starting with all of this now is a good idea so they can start doing their thing and prevent sickness.

Stay healthy everyone!

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