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Marjan Mogharrabi

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and I’m so passionate about all things related to health.  And I’m not just talking about food and calories. Because I believe that the body is more than just the physical, and to create healing we need to look at the body as a whole: all the emotional stuff, physical symptoms, mentally and even spiritually.​

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How Mindfulness, Journaling and Setting Intentions Has Helped with My Anxiety.

Did you write down your intentions on the international day where we’re all supposed to it? January 1st seems to be the date we’re all expected to hit the ground running, but what happens when we don’t feel motivated or inspired on that day? The truth is, nothing happens. Because we are multi-faceted individuals, and we have so many things that influence our desires and sense of motivation. Not to mention, if you live in a part of the world where January 1st means cold weather and snow on the ground, that puts a damper on inspiration sometimes too. Things aren't growing in nature right now, so why do we expect our bodies to feel motivated and ready to go? If January 1st wasn’t your day(it wa


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