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Marjan Mogharrabi

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and I’m so passionate about all things related to health.  And I’m not just talking about food and calories. Because I believe that the body is more than just the physical, and to create healing we need to look at the body as a whole: all the emotional stuff, physical symptoms, mentally and even spiritually.​

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The Best Pumpkin Seeds

I promise you, you will never eat pumpkin seeds the same way again! I started using this recipe after seeing it in the book Discover the Power of Food, by Janet Jacks. Now, I recommend it to all my clients as a way to increase protein intake, manage blood sugar, and get in more healthy fats throughout the day. Who should try this recipe? ANYONE WHO LIKES SALTY SNACKS ANYONE LOOKING TO INCREASE PLANT-BASED PROTEIN INTAKE ANYONE LOOKING TO INCREASE INTAKE OF HEALTHY FATS ANYONE LOOKING TO MANAGE THEIR BLOOD SUGAR ANYONE LOOKING FOR A SUGAR-FREE SNACK ANYONE LOOKING FOR A GLUTEN-FREE SNACK ANYONE LOOKING FOR A DAIRY-FREE SNACK ANYONE LOOKING TO JAZZ UP THEIR SALADS WITH SOMETHING YUMMY AND PROT

"If Only I Had More Will-Power to Eat Less"

I hope you come to realize that it just doesn’t work that way. Blaming it all on food, or will-power. “if only I had more will-power, I could stop eating so much” “if only I was more motivated, I could lose weight”. It doesn’t work that way. I promise you. I believe that food is medicine. But that doesn’t mean restricting food, eating less, and having stress around meals. It means feeding our bodies with what they need in order to become more balanced. It means eating MORE of the right foods. Our body is always communicating with us. Through cravings. Through physical symptoms. And even through our emotions, moods and mental focus. These communications often start as a whisper. Things like g


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