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Marjan Mogharrabi

I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and I’m so passionate about all things related to health.  And I’m not just talking about food and calories. Because I believe that the body is more than just the physical, and to create healing we need to look at the body as a whole: all the emotional stuff, physical symptoms, mentally and even spiritually.​

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Why Supplement?

I always get asked this question in my practice: “doesn’t food have all the vitamins and minerals that we need? Why do we need to take supplements anyways”? These questions are very valid, especially because I’m a big believer in eating REAL FOOD for optimal health, and whenever I wonder what that looks like, I think about what our ancestors would have eaten 100+ years ago. Would they have had a venti sized Starbucks latte with flavoured syrup and a dollop of whipped cream on top? Probably not. Okay, that was an easy one, but the point is, our diet and lifestyles are a lot different these days than what they used to be, resulting in a lot of vitamin and mineral depletion from the body. Wha


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