healthy by you


What is Healthy By You

The individualized program that helps you start listening to your body, and learning how to nourish yourself, body, mind, and soul, so you have the energy you need to THRIVE! 

Who is this program for

The program is for everyone and it’s a chance for you to learn about your body! 

Main focus areas of the 8 week program

I believe the body is always communicating with us. Throughout this program we are learning about WHY our bodies communicate in certain ways, and how to nourish our bodies so that we can help them to heal. The program focuses on helping you with symptoms such as: 

  • Drops in energy, low energy or lack of motivation often. 

  • Various symptoms of anxiety. 

  • Mood swings or low mood

  • Frequent migraines and headaches(due to weather pressure, or otherwise).

  • Feeling extreme hunger throughout the day(even after meals) 

  • Intense sugar cravings 

  • Digestive issues, including acid reflux, chronic bloating, constipation.

  • Sleep issues, including waking up in the night and difficulty falling asleep.

  • Blood sugar imbalance(diagnosed or undiagnosed) 

  • Hormonal imbalances. 

What does the program include

This is an individualized program, custom made just for YOU. Over the 8 week period of your choice(dependant on availability), this is how I’ll be working with you: 

  • 8 weeks of unlimited access to me for coaching, questions and support outside of sessions. 

  • 4 full hour sessions over video call + 1 half hour session at the end to wrap up(scheduled at the start of the program for every 2 weeks). These sessions are where we will dig deeper with your main concerns, your health goals, and learn about your symptoms and how to work on healing these. 

  • 4 Session Summaries: a document and full re-cap of each session, complete with recommended nutrients, recipes to try, supplements specific to your body’s needs, and lifestyle tips to try for that week. 

  • 8 “Mindful Monday” emails with my favourite quotes, journal prompts, and ways to train your mind to focus on what you want on your health journey. 

  • My Blood Sugar Management Guide ebook sent to you via email for you to refer anytime. 

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